Gunsmithing Prices

Good morning all!  This post is an FYI for all those who need Gunsmithing Repairs.  Simmons exists to help you enjoy your time in the great outdoors.  On hunting trips, this generally means that your firearm is in Tip, Top, Shape for maximum performance.  Simmons has a COTF  (Clean, Oil, Test Fire) that we do for from $80-$135 with most guns being at the $80.  Simmons takes your firearm apart into all its component parts, removes all of the oil sludge that has accumulated over the years.  Cleans the metal parts and then reapplies fresh gun oil.  We then reassemble and test fire the weapon before we hand it back to you.  Most firearms need this done every couple of years if you want to maintain them in top shape.  It is really no different than changing the oil on your truck or car. Additionally, here is the link if you wish to go directly to this pricing:

Additionally, we now have posted ALL of our prices on this web site.  The link can be found under the “Repairs and Maintenance” tab to the right of our logo and on several of the tabs on the sliding pages on our main page.  This way, you can see exactly what we charge for different repairs.  Of course, we always welcome you to call Larry Griffin at 913-782-3131 to discuss your project and get pricing.  You need to talk to Larry in any case so we understand just what you want done.  Like surgery, we prefer to leave nothing to chance!

Thank you for being a Simmons customer and coming to our web site.